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“Veronica has coached me very successfully for a number of years.  She has a unique approach, in that she really listens to my perspective and seeks to understand my ambitions and development needs.  Other coaches have left me feeling that it was all about their ‘model’, rather than my development as a person.  Veronica has been flexible on time, available when I needed her support in depth and accommodating when needed.  One event springs to mind where over the course of a few weeks she coached me for an ultimately successful job interview.  Without that coaching, I’m convinced I simply wouldn’t have got the job.”

Alistair Parker, Executive Leadership Team member ASX top 100 organisation, direct report to Managing Director.


“So much has happened this year for me regarding my role, and I give you credit for setting me in motion.  When we met last year, I thought we connected very well and I was able to express some of my inner thoughts and felt very much as ease in doing so.  As I mentioned at the time, the little diagram you drew of the three intersecting circles was an epiphany for me. Something so small and obvious I know, but it set some things in motion well and truly. It caused me to really think about what I wanted to do and to examine what I really liked doing. As a result, I have made lots of changes at work, for the better. I want to thank you so much.”

Terry Chase. Scrum Master & Agile Coach.

 "Veronica has been instrumental in guiding me through several crossroads in my professional life, not least of which was managing my maternity leave and return to work. Veronica's support at a time of such conflicting priorities was really valuable. Her insights and listening skills provided the space I needed to gain strength and clarity. She is an exceptional coach and I highly recommend her as a maternity coach and more broadly."

Genevieve Simkiss, Lawyer and Company Secretary. 

“Veronica has led MBTI sessions for several of my teams either at inception or as a trigger for improvement. Veronica uses an effective mixture of the theory and practical examples to bring everyone along and over several sessions has driven some wonderful results. Veronica's style keeps everyone engaged and enjoying themselves and I would use her again anytime.”

Ben Woodman, Group Manager Technical Solutions.


 "I undertook coaching with Veronica over a two year period to work on my effectiveness and visibility within my company. Veronica has a wealth of knowledge in the subject, and guided me to think critically about my approach in the workplace, and implement improvements. She was very approachable, enthusiastic, and genuinely had my best interest at heart. I highly recommend her."

Cameron Yates, Senior Engineer.


 "Veronica has been a wonderful career coach, helping me to navigate a male dominated work environment, giving me the confidence to pursue my career goals whilst maintaining flexible work arrangements. She helped me to establish clear boundaries to be able to maintain a desired work/life balance and also prepared be for career discussions. Veronica's coaching has been instrumental in helping me to achieve my goals."  

Suzie Jakobovits, Corporate Strategy and Business Planning Manager.


 “I don’t know what you did but it worked!”

Narelle Whinfield, Finance Manager. Manager of one of my coaching clients.

 "Veronica has the ability to build rapport and relationships with any stakeholder. She has a natural coaching style and her ability to deliver tailored results for any individual or business need is second to none. I could not recommend Veronica more highly. 

Hailey Grimes, General Manager.


 "Veronica has innate coaching and mentoring skills and has built on her excellent abilities with both qualifications and extensive experience at all levels of the organisation. An excellent listener, Veronica provides constructive, helpful and practical feedback, and works with people and groups on strategies and actions to enact real, achievable and lasting change. Veronica has strong facilitation skills that suit both small and large groups, driven by knowledge, passion, agility and patience. Her combination of passion, skills and experience means that I have no hesitation in recommending Veronica for coaching and mentoring in any organisation."

Sarah Monaghan, Project Manager.

"Veronica provided me with career coaching and in particular some advice before a job interview. She helped me to identify my strengths and gave me the confidence to be able to articulate them clearly. Her insights were invaluable and I believe helped me in successfully gaining the role. I can't thank her enough and highly recommend Veronica as a career coach."

Roshi Freeland, Teacher.

"Veronica facilitated the management development program I attended last year. Veronica was great at delivering the content and ensuring participants walked away with key messages. She is very skilful in bringing her own HR knowledge to the table, as well as really leveraging the group's experience; so they could openly share, discuss ideas and learn from each other's day to day experiences and 'people' related challenges. Great job - I highly recommend working closely with Veronica to roll out any future management development training in your business".

Danielle Cortese, Communications and Continuous Improvement Manager. 

"I have been a participant in and observed many workshops that Veronica has facilitated. She has a very engaging style and ensures that participants learn practical skills. The feedback from managers who have attended her sessions has always been very positive. Her sessions add a lot of value and I would highly recommend them."

Megan Shaw, Human Resources.

 "When I reflect on my past 10 years of life something that keeps coming into my head was the good advice you gave me through our sessions, I really feel it has changed my view of work life and sparked a whole new dimension to my career. So a big thank you for that, you had a big influence on my successes."

Carl Botha, Electricity Operations Manager.


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