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Career Coaching

"Veronica has been a wonderful career coach, helping me to navigate a male dominated work environment, giving me the confidence to pursue my career goals whilst maintaining flexible work arrangements. She helped me to establish clear boundaries to be able to maintain a desired work/life balance and also prepared be for career discussions. Veronica's coaching has been instrumental in helping me to achieve my goals."  Suzie Jakobovits, Corporate Strategy and Business Planning Manager.

Career coaching supports individuals to determine their skills, identifying their interests and the job market (internal and / or external). It also assists employees with career planning and career development tools and techniques.


Career coaching can include uncovering an individuals dream job, assistance with resume, cover letters, LinkedIn, Networking, and preparing for interviews.


Career coaching is conducted as a series of one on one coaching sessions.


Career coaching is usually 4 - 8 sessions of 60 – 90 minutes each. Sessions are usually scheduled 2 – 4 weeks apart.


The exact number of sessions, their duration and frequency is determined based on the individual needs and objectives of the individual.

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