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Sessions for Leaders


"Veronica facilitated the management development program I attended last year. Veronica was great at delivering the content and ensuring participants walked away with key messages. She is very skilful in bringing her own HR knowledge to the table, as well as really leveraging the group's experience; so they could openly share, discuss ideas and learn from each other's day to day experiences and 'people' related challenges. Great job - I highly recommend working closely with Veronica to roll out any future management development training in your business". Danielle Cortese, Communications and Continuous Improvement Manager.

Sessions can be held for people leaders in relation to topics such as:

  • having effective performance conversations,

  • giving effective feedback,

  • having effective career and development conversations.


These sessions are usually 2 – 4 hours in length at the client’s offices.


Sessions can be tailored to the client’s needs.


Sessions include some theory as well as some discussion about real life situations to ensure practical application in the workplace.

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