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Parental Leave Coaching


"Veronica has been instrumental in guiding me through several crossroads in my professional life, not least of which was managing my maternity leave and return to work. Veronica's support at a time of such conflicting priorities was really valuable. Her insights and listening skills provided the space I needed to gain strength and clarity. She is an exceptional coach and I highly recommend her as a parental leave coach and more broadly." Genevieve Simkiss, Lawyer.

Parental leave coaching supports females through one of the biggest transitions of their careers. Research has shown that coaching can assist making professional transitions much smoother and quicker.


I have person experience in this area having successfully transitioned from full time corporate work (1995 to 2010) to parental leave to part time corporate work (2011 to 2018). 


The coaching commences prior to the clients parental leave, during their leave if they wish, and upon their return to work.


Parental leave coaching can focus on how to successfully:

  • exit prior to extended leave,

  • keep in contact during extended leave, and

  • return to work post extended leave.


Parental leave coaching is conducted as a series of one on one coaching sessions.


Career coaching is usually 3 - 6 sessions; 1 -2 prior to leave, 1- 2 during leave and 1-2 on return from leave. Each session is usually 60 – 90 minutes in duration. Sessions are usually scheduled approximately 2 weeks apart.


The exact number of sessions, their duration and frequency is determined based on the needs and objectives of the individual.

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